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Privacy Policy

I like to keep things simple and clear:

  • I am commited to the Australian privacy legislation in the way I collect, store, use and disclose your personal information

  • Your personal privacy and confidentiality is always respected and will never be knowingly compromised by me

  • The only personally identifiable information I collect is what you specifically provide to me and normally includes only your name and contact phone number, perhaps your email address, plus your physical address if requesting a mobile massage

  • At the start of each massage we may discuss about any health issues which may be relevant to the massage you are about to receive.  If relevant I may record these details as a reminder for consideration in any future massage

  • I normally prefer to make contact by phone, such as when responding to enquiries or booking requests, as I find this to be the most efficient means - if you do not answer I may leave a voice message but generally I will attempt to call you again later.  If you ever prefer contact by text messages, please just let me know 

  • I will never sell, trade, swap or provide your personal details to anyone other than those parties to which I am legally bound or required to provide such details

  • You may at any time ask me for a copy of your personal details held by me and may request to have such details amended or deleted from my records

  • This website makes use of "cookies" to improve your online experience and to help the website to function smoothly and properly. Cookies are small packets of data stored in your web browser's files, though it's my understanding that no personally identifiable or harmful information is recorded.  They may for example record the pages you visit for use in performance analytics.  For more details you may wish to read what Wikipedia has to say about cookies

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